• Smoking and the use of alcohol is prohibited at the storage facility.
  • Firearms are prohibited at the storage facility.
  • Loitering and living in RV’s or trailers is prohibited at the storage facility.
  • No reckless driving.

Facility owner doesn’t insure tenants’ goods. Insurance is the sole responsibility of the tenants. All tenants are required to have insurance for all stored goods.

Gate access code is exclusively for tenant use. When entering or exiting the facility, please do not tailgate. Wait for the previous tenant if necessary, then enter personal access code for entry/exit.

All non-motorized vehicles are required to have a minimum of two (2) wheel chocks surrounding vehicle wheels at all times while stored in the facility. We recommend using rubber chock blocks.

  • Firearms.
  • Explosives.
  • Flammables of any kind (gas, diesel, kerosene, oil, paint, etc.).
  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia.
  • Stolen items.
  • Hazardous items of any kind.
  • Hazardous waste material of any kind.
  • Items that produce odors of any kind.
  • Any item deemed inappropriate by the manager or staff of the facility.
  • Any item which detrimentally affects other tenants or the facility.