• What are the benefits of covered storage?

    Covered Storage helps you avoid preventable weather damage. When the sun’s damaging UV rays beat down on your vehicle it can lead to high heat-build up on the surface, which can cause the paint and trim on your RV to crack and fade over time. By renting a covered space you can put your mind at ease knowing your RV or boat will remain as strong and durable as it was when you last left it.

  • How secure is the facility?

    We protect our facilities with enhanced security measures such as cameras, gated key code access, and safety lighting throughout the facility.

  • Do you offer electricity?

    Yes, we offer various power options at our facilities ranging from 15A trickle charging to 30A service sufficient to maintain humidity and temperature control using RV’s on-board systems.  Power options vary among locations, call for availability! 

  • What are your rates?

    Our rates vary based on location, size availability and the attributes of specific spaces.  Please check online or call for rates.

  • When can I move in?

    Honey Bee RV prefers that you move in during office hours for the location of your choice so that our Facility Manager can familiarize you with the layout, amenities, and rules of the facility.  

  • How much notice needs to be given before I move out?

    All contracts are month-to-month. However, we do require a 15-day notice before you move out and no refunds are provided if you move out before month-end.

  • What type of documentation do I need to provide in order to rent a space?

    In addition to an executed rental agreement, we require a copy of your vehicle’s registration/title, matching photo ID, and proof of boat/RV insurance. There are exceptions for corporate vehicles and special cases with documentation.

  • Do I need to sign a long-term lease?

    No, we rent on a month-to-month basis and there are no minimum stay requirements. The duration of your stay is entirely up to you!

  • How do I make a payment?

    Honey Bee RV requires payment by credit card or bank account direct debit (e-check). We do not accept cash or paper checks. Most tenants utilize our convenient auto-pay options. If you are not enrolled in autopay, provide payment through your online account, to our Facility Manager, Call Center, or automated phone payment system.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept credit and debit cards issued by major national payment networks such as VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, and we accept direct debits (e-checks) to customers’ U.S. bank accounts.

  • Does there have to be someone in the office to let me through the security gates?

    No. Once your lease is signed, necessary documents submitted to Honey Bee RV, and initial payment accepted, you can access our vehicle storage facilities anytime during operating hours. You’ll receive a personal security pass code for independent facility and RV access.

New To Storage?

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