RVs and boats are perfect for making memories on cross-country trips and seeing new sights, or even just relaxing on the water on a weekend. However, they also take up lots of space and can be tricky to store, especially during the busy high season when streets are crowded and parking restrictions may be actively enforced.

So, when it’s time to put your boat or RV away after your outdoor adventures, store your boat, jet ski, trailer, or RV in a covered parking space at Honey Bee! We offer covered vehicle storage to shield your vehicles from any damage, keeping them in tip-top shape for your future excursions. We also provide affordable uncovered parking in the same secure facilities with useful amenities.

Why Choose Covered Storage?

Covered storage is a great way to keep your vehicle protected from any damage that could be caused by the elements. Exposure to heavy rain and continuous sun, or in some areas hail, ice, and snow can create damage to your vehicle over time and make it uncomfortable for you to start or end your outing. With covered storage, you can securely store your vehicles without worrying about harsh weather conditions, or stay dry and work in the shade while packing up for or cleaning after your adventure.

Covered Storage Features and Amenities

At Honey Bee RV Storage, we offer a range of storage features at our storage facilities so you can choose what’s right for you. The features and amenities offered by Honey Bee RV make storing your vehicle more convenient and accessible and allow you to rest easy knowing your vehicle is secure. Some of the features we offer include:

Secure Covered Vehicle Storage

When you trust Honey Bee RV Storage with your watercraft or vehicle, you can rest easy knowing it is protected by our high-quality security features. With our gated access feature, we make sure that you control who is able to access your vehicle. Our fully-fenced facilities and 24-hour surveillance cameras create a protective shield against any unwanted guests and activity, keeping your vehicles as secure as possible.

Conveniently Located Covered Vehicle Storage

At Honey Bee RV Storage, we make RV storage hassle-free in places where RV and boating enthusiasts want to be. That’s why we have strategically built our facilities in popular locations like Sarasota, Fort Myers, Houston, and beyond. With our numerous storage facilities, you can easily find a location near you and avoid a long drive to grab your RV or boat before taking off on your adventures!

Reserve A Covered Vehicle Storage Space With Honey Bee RV

Choose Honey Bee RV Storage for all your vehicle storage needs. At Honey Bee, we promise to keep your vehicles secure and protected while providing you with the convenience and comfort you deserve.

Have more questions? Head over to our frequently asked questions and storage tips pages for all your vehicle storage inquiries. Rent or reserve your covered vehicle storage online today and find your vehicle a happy home!