Navigating Aurora’s New RV Parking Regulations

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As of August 28th, 2023, the city of Aurora, CO, issued a new ordinance regarding RV parking regulations throughout the city. This ordinance regards time and location restrictions on where you can publicly park your RV or vehicle of similar stature.

When a new ordinance or set of regulations is released, it’s beneficial to have assistance reading the finer print. In this article, our team at Honey Bee RV will guide you through Aurora’s new parking regulations for RVs and other non-highway vehicles.

What Is Considered an RV?

Although it seems straightforward, several characteristics determine what is and isn’t considered an RV. After all, there are plenty of technicalities that dictate what vehicle is what and what can be parked on a street or public road. Here are the determinations between recreational vehicles, motor homes, and camper trailers according to the ordinance:

  • Recreational vehicles. These are vehicles primarily used for recreational purposes, camping travel, or seasonal use that have either their own motor power or can be mounted on or towed by another vehicle.
  • Motor homes. These are any self-propelled vehicle with living or sleeping quarters that span over 22 feet in length. If less than 22 feet in length, it’s to be connected to a boat, trailer, or camper trailer that exceeds 22 feet.
  • Camper trailers. These are defined as any wheeled vehicle that does not have motive power but contains living or sleeping quarters. These can also be drawn over public highways by a motor vehicle and may be licensed as a vehicle.

Can You Park an RV on the Street?

The short answer to this question is yes. RVs are permitted to be parked on a street or public road in Aurora, CO. However, several limitations come into play regarding how long and when you can park your RV on the street. Let’s look at some of the determining rules and regulations of RV street parking in Aurora.

Public streets with signs in Aurora, CO.

How Long Can an RV Be Parked on the Street?

A common question that comes to mind regarding these regulations is how long an RV can be parked on the street. After the vehicle is marked by a member of the police department or a director of public works or designee, the RV is allowed to be parked for five days in the allotted spot.

If your RV is not moved before the end of those five days, it’s considered unlawful, and a summons or complaint may be issued. If not removed 24 hours after the end of the five-day parking period, the vehicle is subject to be towed or moved to a secure location.

Other Rules About Parking an RV on the Street

One additional rule to consider about parking RVs on the street is where you can move your vehicle before the end of the five-day parking period. Simply moving your vehicle to a different location along the same road or right of way is not permitted nor considered a restart of the five-day parking period. You must move your RV off the public roadway for at least 72 hours to be reissued another five days.

Comparing Similar RV Parking Regulations in Other American Cities

As you come to know these new rules and regulations, it might be worth comparing the ordinance in Aurora to other ordinances in the U.S. At Honey Bee RV, we’ve seen similar ordinances in other cities across America.

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Tucson, AZ

According to Tucson’s city codes, no recreational vehicle is to be parked on a public street, road, or right of way for any portion of any two consecutive calendar days.

Sarasota, FL

In Sarasota, FL, other than a designated driveway permitted by the property owner, parking recreational vehicles is prohibited between the driveway and the front facade line of a single-family residence or duplex.

Largo, FL

Largo, FL, states that no large vehicle may be driven along a public highway without a permit issued by the city’s Engineering Services Division.

Loveland, CO

According to the ordinance in Loveland, CO, it’s unlawful for a person to park any recreational vehicle over a one-ton load on any portion of a street or highway. However, parking may be permitted on the driveway of an owner’s front yard for up to 72 consecutive hours for cleaning or maintenance purposes.

Houston, TX

As for Houston, TX, no recreational vehicles shall be left on a public street for over a two-hour period. Additionally, any large vehicles are prohibited from being parked along any public road or highway.

Alternatives To Parking Your RV on the Street

Even though it’s convenient to park your RV on the street, regulations such as Aurora’s new ordinance and many other cities’ ordinances make parking your RV difficult. However, there’s a simple solution readily available to you with an RV storage unit. With an RV storage unit, such as the ones offered at Honey Bee RV, you’ll gain access to an extensive range of unit sizes.

In addition to our covered and uncovered parking options, we offer on-site amenities, like wash and pump stations, to maintain your RV or other vehicle while it’s in storage. Some of our RV spaces even include electricity to keep your battery juiced at all times of the year.

For more information on how to properly store your RV, visit our RV storage guide page today.

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